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Fortify Daily Adult Probiotic 30 Ct


Fortify Daily Adult Probiotic 30 Ct. Item Number.:B10163705
Size : 30
Selling UoM : EA
UPC Barcode : 033674102947
Supplier: 0050001397 SCHWABE NORTH AMERICA
Supplier Material : 10294
Generic Code : 000000
Fine Line Class : 030003500353 Prebiotics & Probiotics
Product Category : HB Health & Beauty
Product Type : HBC Branded HBC

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Product Description.:

Dietary Supplement

Supports Digestive Balance & Immunity*
30 Billion Active Cultures for Daily Digestive Balance*

Lactobacilli are the dominant good bacteria found in a healthy tract. Primadophilus? Fortify? Women's probiotic is formulated with a higher ratio of lactobacilli to help support women's health.*

24 billion lactobacilli to work in your small intestine
6 billion bifidobacteria to support your colon*
Multiple Health Benefits*
Taking Primadophilus Fortify every day helps:

Maintain vaginal and urinary tract health*
Promote overall digestive health*
Support immune health*
Researched Probiotic Strains
Primadophilus Fortify contains NCFM? and Bl-04, both researched probiotic strains.

What Are Probiotics?
Probiotics are good bacteria that promote digestive balance and support immune health.*

30 Billion Advantage
While many popular probiotic brands only provide 1 to 10 billion live bacteria cultures per serving, Primadophilus Fortify provides 30 billion live bacteria cultures to help balance and replenish your intestinal tract.*

Gluten Free. No artificial preservatives or colors.