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Timing: Monday to Friday | 9:00 AM to 5:45 PM 

1. I see the item listed on your website, but do not see any box to order. How do I order the item? 

When the item is discontinued or not available in the market, our website still keeps the listing of the item, since many of our customer wants to know the ingredients and other details about the item. If our website will not let you order since the item is not available. You can always email us at just in case it has come back. 

2. I see great prices on the prescription drugs, even better than big store, but how do I order? 

Our pharmacy is approved by National Board of Pharmacy under VIPPS program as a legitimate retail pharmacy located in USA. However, Prescription items can only be shipped to certain States. We have listed the names of those states at our home page. This is because we have to get license in each states and we are working on getting those. You must, however, mail us original prescription or ask your doctor to send us a fax at 760-344-6321 or ERx. 

3. I live in California and my doctor gave me a prescription. Can I order prescription drug Online and and then fax you the prescription? 

State of California and all other state does not allow faxing or scanned image prescription by the patient. Prescription can only be faxed by a physician Lic. in USA or it can be sent to us by ERx. If you have original prescription with you, you can order the item online and then mail us the original prescription. Your order will be shipped out only when we receive the prescription. 

3. Why can I only buy 1 product at a time on your site??? Every time I pick a product my basket is empty when I return! WHY!!! 

This is because of security setting in your computer that is not allowing cookies from our site. Please enable the cookies from this site and you can order as many products as you like. 

4. How do I get the the shipping charges without entering any of my information?
Our website is very simple, whatever item and quantity you want, put it in the cart, then in the bottom click on checkout, next page just put your Zip code and click next you will get complete total including shipping and sales tax etc. You will be on a secure page and only If you decide to buy, then you will enter your name and other information. 

5. How do I register on your website? 

Our website is very simple and it does not require any kind of registration or any other information to get our prices. 

7. I have been trying to order from your website and my credit card has been denied 3 times. My order never went through even and I never got an order number. However, when I look at my credit card statement, I see there is charge from you for 3 times. Why did you charge me? 

If your order did not go through because the credit card did no go through for any reason, we do not get paid. We do not charge any one, as a matter of fact, we can not charge anyone since we do not have any information. The charge or charges that you see on your online statement are put there by your credit card company or bank. Many customers have told us that these charges takes up to 3 days to go away from your statement. This issue is totally out of our control and it takes few days to clear by your bank. So, please wait until your bank clears out of it. Rest be assured, there will not be a penny charged by us unless we are shipping you the item.