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Prusa Knowledge Base | Shipping information

FSA: We accept FSA cards.. Please note, we do not guarantee any delivery time on any
orders. Most of our orders (over 95% of them) are shipped out within 1 to 2 working days. Some items that have been ordered and are waiting for them are shipped out upon arrival. 

If you tell us to cancel the order for any reason, please note there will be a cancellation charge because the credit card company charges us twice while charging and again while issuing credit. 

Our process of handling order is simple, we will charge the order if we have the items or if we are special ordering. We will take out the shipping label (please note, that does not mean we can ship the item at that time, since we are waiting for the items to arrive). FedEx and USPS usually updates their records about 24 hours after it is shipped out. If you are calling for any reason for your order, please give us your order number. 

Please note, all FedEx, USPS Mail and Priority mail packages are sent as signature not required. The delivery company may leave it at the front door or deliver in the mail box. We are not responsible for any non received packages. If you want us to send as signature required, please email us. There will be extra charge for a shipment with signature required

Errors in fill: We try very hard to process all the orders on time and error free. However, if you find an error in quantity or price or any issue, please email us. We apologize to you and we will correct it. 

Please note, however, we can not send any item by air or other faster means. Items with different images/description-new and old packages. Additionally, the image shown on the web may be different than the actual items since the packages/contents could have been changed by the mfg. 

We are not obligated to accept the returns. 

Our drugstore has listed over 50,000 items. Items requiring refrigeration or special care and certain heavy or with large volume will need extra charge. We will contact you if the shipping charges are different and we can not ship it free. Items like shampoos, hair sprays, mouthwashes and most liquid items in large volumes can not be shipped free. "Prescription Drugs: Please Note, This Is A Licensed Pharmacy Located In State Of California, USA. We Are Licensed In Our State And By DEA And Other Agencies Required. 

We Do Not Ship Any Prescription Drugs Unless We Have Prescription Order In Our Hand First. Prescription Drugs Can Only Be Shipped Out In following States: California, Arizona and Illinois!

It Is The Patient's Responsibility To Obtain Prescriptions And Refills Authorized From Their Physician. We Are Not Responsible For Any Delays In Getting New Rx's Or Refills Approved From Your Physician. Online Rx Prices: All The Prices Listed Here Are Strictly The Cash Prices. We Do Not Honor Any Insurance Claim For Any Out Of State Or Even Our Out Of Area Client. 

If You Have Insurance, Please Shop It To You Local Pharmacy, Since Most Co-payment Will Remain The Same. We Will Not Be Able To Do Insurance Billing On Any Item That Has Been Delivered Already To You. 

For Faster And Better Service, Please Email Us At Drugsdepot@Yahoo.Com. Please Include Our Item No., NDC No. And Quantity Desired and the order no. if you have already ordered the item. Limited Liability. Please Note, By Ordering Here You Agree To Our Limited Liability That Is We Are Only Responsible For The Total Amount That Was Paid To Us By You Regardless Of Whether It Is Our Error Or Yours In The Handling Of The Order, Whether The Item Was Used, Consumed Or Returned." 

We ship all the orders via US Mail, Parcel Post, Priority mail, and FedEx as per our discretion. All international orders of Puerto Rico, APO(military address), Alaska & Hawaii will be charged shipping as charged by US Mail and some handling charges. Please note, due to high security concerns, you may be asked to do wire transfer to us for your order and we may not accept your credit card. We do not make any arrangement for the return of the product to us whether it is mfg. recall or any other issue. You must return at your own expense and credit will only be issued as per our policy. 

All packages that weigh more than 2-3 lb may incur the higher shipping charges and we will call or email you, if any, before we ship. Due to large number of products with the different weight and size/shape, it is not possible to calculate shipping for all orders. 

Please note, the pictures and description shown here are for the illustration purposes only. There may have been changes in the color of the container, formulations or other details. Please visit MFG. website for more information. If you are looking for the old products, chances are we do not have it. In case of doubt, please email us with the color, description etc. before ordering. 

Please note, we will not issue any refund for any merchandise returned simply because the company had changed the product and we had old product information on the web. 

Please do not return any product to us unless we have authorized or sent you a Return USPS label and it is preauthorized. All products returned to us without prior authorization will not be issued any credits or refund any shipping charges. Please note all the returns must be completed in 10 days. Suppliers do not issue full credit after that. The amount of credit depends on individual items after that time period. Some supplier charges from 10% to 30% restocking fees. Your credit will depend on the amount of credit we received from the supplier. Please note, we can only send you the return label to the address where we shipped the item. We can not pickup or pay for shipping from any international orders.


We ship ONLY SELECTED international orders. We do not ship any , flammable and other items restricted for the shipment out of country. Please check your governmental regulations for certain items whether they are allowed for import or not. You must contact your local post office or other carrier for delivery information. We are not responsible or any lost, damaged or otherwise non received products for any reasons. Our duty ends when we hand over the package to the shipping carrier. They do not refund or otherwise do anything unless you have bought an insurance on the order. By placing an international order, you agree to the terms and understand clearly that if you do not receive the package for any reason, we can not credit your credit card account if the package was not insured and registered by you. Once the package leaves our store, there is not much we can do about it. We are not responsible for any import duties or taxes. You must also send us an email if you want the package registered. There are extra charges you must allow us to charge on your credit card. 

All items returned by the Mail/UPS will be credited for the merchandise only and will be charged 30% restocking fee and shipping charges. All items returned without prior authorization will not be issued any credit. 

Please note, we have over 50,000 items listed here. We do not carry a stock of every item listed here. Some items may be unavailable or discontinued by the manufacturers. If this is the case, we will inform you. Rest assured we do not charge anyone until we ship the item and we only charge for the item we ship. 

Our responsibility ends when we hand over the merchandise all packed to FedEx/USPS Mail or other mail carrier. We are not responsible for any damage, breakage or lost merchandise in shipping. Please contact the shipper directly. Partial Shipment. Please note, we do fill partial orders, meaning if there were 2 or more items ordered and if 1 or more items are available, we will ship out the order and close that order. If you need remaining items, please order again. We do not back order items. 

Damaged Merchandises: If you receive a damaged merchandises, you must notify the shipping company like FedEx/USPS Mail etc. Every shipper is responsible for damage during the shipment and they take good care of the claim and they are the one who decides the issues. They may even come to you and pick either the damage merchandise and or package. We may issue partial credit/send merchandise(at our) discretion once the shipper notifies us the claim. Please follow the correct procedure in order to expedite the process. Many time the box may not look damaged but due to transport issues, merchandises could be damaged. 

CUSTOMER CANCELED, REFUSED AND RETURNED (FOR ANY REASON ) ORDERS. Please note, all the orders that has been processed(already charged on credit card but not shipped yet) there will be 10% (of total charges)cancellation charge if cancelled by the customer for any reson. If the order has been processed (charged on credit card) and shipped, there will be a charge 15% (of total charge)for restocking fees and no credit will be issued for shipping charges. These charges are to cover the cost of credit card charges fees, shipping costs and restocking fees. So, please order carefully. 


We are not responsible for any quality control issues about any products, all our products are obtained from the wholesaler and then we send it to you. Please contact manufacturer directly for any defective products, product container or any issues regarding the products. Mfg. details are usually on the products. 


Prescription drugs and Medical supplies are not allowed to be return to the pharmacy due to its nature and laws. Please be extremely careful in ordering. No credit will be issued if you return it without our authorization. Outdated Merchandise Returns. We do not send any expired items to anyone. Most item we receive are fresh from the wholesaler. We do not have any control over what expiration date item we get. If you have some items, you must destroy on your own as per your city's guidelines. We do not issue any credits. Credit Card Charge Disputes. If you use anyone else's credit card without the cardholder's permission, it is a criminal offense in California. If you have done so by mistakes, you must contact us urgently and make arrangement for proper payment and $50 penalty. If you fail to pay such charges, the case is turned over to police department and then Attorney General's office, US Marshalls and INTERPOL. 

Please note again, if we have shipped out the products and you did not receive for any reasons, like lost, damaged, natural disaster or for any other reason, you must file a claim with the delivery company like USPS Mail, FedEx etc. If you still disputes the charges and call your credit card company and if your credit card company charges us for the amount and penalty, the case becomes like writing a bad check. A $30.00 penalty will be applied for each claim. In State of California, this is a Criminal Offense. If we are not in fault, this case may be turned over to a collection agency and ultimately to California Attorney General for prosecution. Discount Code: Our 5% discount is not valid on any prescription items purchases. If you use that code number, the discount will be canceled. 


We have many items listed on the website that are drop ship items, meaning it will come to you directly from the Mfg./Supplier of the products. All the item # that normally starts with M--, INV, R, GFI, are drop ship items and they are non returnable. All special orders items are non returnable too. Many store items like all bandages, braces, toilet items, bath room supplies items can not be returned.