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Pill Crusher 67710 Portable Storage

Image 0 of Pill Crusher 67710 Portable StorageImage 1 of Pill Crusher 67710 Portable Storage

Pill Crusher 67710 Portable Storage


Pill Crusher 67710 Portable Storage. Item Number.:B10161914
UPC Barcode : 025715677101
Supplier: 0050000137 APOTHECARY PRODUCTS LLC
Supplier Material : 67710
Generic Code : 000000
Fine Line Class : 960096209626 Medicine Dosers, Organizers& Accessories
Product Category : MS Medical Supplies
Product Type : HHC Home Health Care

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Product Description.:

This brand new portable pill crusher from Flents and Ezy Dose is the perfect tool for carrying around small amounts of medication which may need to be crushed at some point throughout your day. It easily crushes pills into powder and has a handy little built-in storage space for your uncut medications.

? Ergonomic shape - Easier to apply pressure to decrease crushing time
? Durable exterior - Stronger, thicker plastic to handle greater pressure
? Compact size - For easier storage to travel
? Rounded design - Comfortable ergonomics
? Smooth pressure surfaces - Mortar and pestle-like action to crush pills into fine powder