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Oxistat 1% Cream 60 Gm By Pharmaderm Brand.

Image 0 of Oxistat 1% Cream 60 Gm By Pharmaderm Brand.Image 1 of Oxistat 1% Cream 60 Gm By Pharmaderm Brand.

Oxistat 1% Cream 60 Gm By Pharmaderm Brand.


Oxistat 1% Cream 60 Gm By Pharmaderm Brand. This Item Requires A Valid Order From A Physician Licensed in USA. Item Number.:RXD3976438/RXB10109882
Size : 60 GM
Selling UoM : EA
NDC: 10337-0358-60
UPC Barcode : 304620358603
Supplier: 0050001556 PHARMADERM BRANDED
Supplier Material : 035860
Fine Line Class : 850085008510 All Rx Products
Product Category : RX Pharmaceuticals
Product Type : BRX Branded RX

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Product Description.:

Cream , white
White to off-white

OXISTAT? is a topical prescription antifungal medicine with the power to treat four major fungal infections. OXISTAT? can kill fungus on the skin, when used as directed. It also helps prevent new fungal infections from growing. That is why you need to keep using OXISTAT? for the full course of treatment, even when you may think the infection is gone.

OXISTAT? helps most of the people who use it. For instance, almost 90% of people with tinea versicolor (a fungal infection that typically affects large areas of the torso) who used OXISTAT? Cream in clinical studies were cured of their fungal infection, according to lab tests. They had used OXISTAT? Cream once a day for two weeks and were evaluated two weeks later. The length of your treatment may depend on your condition.

Important Product Safety Information

OXISTAT? is approved for topical use in these skin infections:

* OXISTAT? CREAM and OXISTAT? LOTION?for athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm due to Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, or Epidermophyton floccosum.
* OXISTAT? CREAM?for tinea (pityriasis) versicolor due to Malassezia furfur.
* OXISTAT? CREAM?for ringworm, jock itch and tinea (pityriasis) versicolor in children. Please note: these conditions are rare in children under age 12.

The most common side effects reported with OXISTAT? were itching and burning.

OXISTAT? CREAM and OXISTAT? LOTION are not for ophthalmic or intravaginal use.

For more information, consult your healthcare provider.
Please see the link to the Full Prescribing Information below.

Click Here for Prescribing Information

How should I use OXISTAT??

* Wash your hands before and after using OXISTAT?
* Clean and dry the infected area before using OXISTAT?
* Put OXISTAT? on the places where your doctor tells you to
* Use OXISTAT? for the full amount of time your doctor tells you to

How soon will OXISTAT? work?

OXISTAT? works fast?in a clinical study, symptoms like redness and inflammation were much better within 7 days.
How long will I have to use OXISTAT??

Your doctor is the best person to decide what's right for you. You may need to keep using OXISTAT? even after your symptoms have cleared up, otherwise the infection may return. The usual length of treatment is up to 4 weeks.
Is OXISTAT? safe for children?

Yes. OXISTAT? is proven safe and effective in children. In fact, there are no age limits to its use.
Are there any side effects?

Most people do not experience side effects with OXISTAT?. The most common side effects reported were mild and included itching and burning.