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Nicotine 2 Mg Gum Fruit Sugar Free 100 Ct

Image 0 of Nicotine 2 Mg Gum Fruit Sugar Free 100 CtImage 1 of Nicotine 2 Mg Gum Fruit Sugar Free 100 CtImage 2 of Nicotine 2 Mg Gum Fruit Sugar Free 100 Ct

Nicotine 2 Mg Gum Fruit Sugar Free 100 Ct


Nicotine 2 Mg Gum Fruit Sugar Free 100 Ct. Item Number.:C4268595/A513325/B10114465
Description: RUGBY NICOTINE GM 2MG 100 FRT
CIN: 4268595
NDC: 00536338601
UPC: 305363386014
Contract Alias: INNVTX
Strength: 2MG
Form: GUM
1X100 EA

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Product Description.:

Gum , brown , fruit , square square

If you've tried to quit before and haven't succeeded, don't be discouraged. Quitting isn't easy.
It takes time, commitment, and the right strategy.
What would you like most in a smoking cessation product?
Once-A-Day Convenience?
Steady Nicotine Release?
Medically Supervised?
Satisfies Oral Fixation?

Always check with your doctor before starting any smoking cessation program.

Many proven smoking cessation options are available. Each one offers unique benefits and choices for quitters.

While patches may be more discreet, inhalers and nasal sprays offer greater immediacy. Some options require prescriptions. Other options are available over the counter, such as nicotine gum, enabling smokers to personalize their therapy to best suit their needs.[1,3] Your own success is what counts, so it's important to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Talk to your health-care provider to find out what nicotine replacement therapy may be right for you.
Using nicotine replacement therapy can increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking. As it releases nicotine into the body, it reduces the tobacco withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting.[1,2] This satisfies the physical cravings ? leaving you free to plan how to deal with situations that tempt you to smoke.

Nicotine replacement therapy should be used as part of an overall quit plan - it is not a complete quitting solution by itself. You need to be motivated. A little motivation can go a long way to enhance your chances of successfully quitting. Having the support you need can also make a difference.[2,3]

Your reason for quitting may be a combination of concerns about health, the effect of smoking on your appearance, and pressure from your family and friends to stop smoking. Or maybe you're concerned about the dangerous effect of second-hand smoke on the people you care about. All of these are good reasons and you probably have others.[2,3] Determine your most important reasons, and write them down. In difficult moments, when you want to smoke, this list will help remind you why you are quitting.[2]
Talk to your doctor to find out what helpful tips may be right for you.

Prepare for Quitting:

Ask your family, friends, and co-workers to support you in your efforts to stop smoking.[2,3]
Throw away all your cigarettes, matches, lighters, ashtrays, etc.[2,3]
Figure out how much money you'll save.[2,3] Most ex-smokers can save more than $1,000 a year.[2]
Think about what you will do with the money you save.[2]
Learn when you are most at risk of smoking and plan ahead to avoid difficult situations.[2,3]