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Nicorelief 4Mg Gum Mint Flavor 110 Ct

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Nicorelief 4Mg Gum Mint Flavor 110 Ct


Nicorelief 4Mg Gum Mint Flavor 110 Ct. Item Number.:B10050578
Size : 110
ABC Selling UoM : EA
NDC: 00904573711
UPC Barcode : 309045737118
Supplier: 0050001741 MAJOR PHARM
Supplier Material : 100139
Fine Line Class : 380038103819 Gnrc Smoking Deterrents
Product Category : OT Over the Counter
Product Type : OTG Generic OTC

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Product Description.:

Nicorelief Gum provides a controlled amount of nicotine to your system at a slower, less intense pace than cigarettes and without the toxins in cigarette smoke. It's a temporary therapeutic aid that reduces withdrawal symptoms and helps you quit smoking.

Your body gradually adjusts to having less nicotine until you no longer need any. By helping to relieve cravings, Nicorelief Gum lets you focus on disrupting the patterns that link cigarettes to so many of your daily activities. Great-tasting Nicorelief Gum can double your chances of successfully quitting smoking.* When used as directed, you even can use an extra piece to handle strong or frequent cravings.

Choose from two great-tasting flavors: Mint and Original.

Stop smoking before using NICOrelief. Follow the Dosing Schedule to reduce cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Chew NICOrelief very slowly several times. Stop chewing it when you experience a slight tingling or peppery taste (about 15 chews). Position NICOrelief between your cheek and gum and leave it there. When the tingling or peppery taste dissipates (about one minute), chew slowly until it returns, then stop. Position NICOrelief in a different location than the first time and hold it again. Repeat Steps 3 through 7 (chewing then holding) until the flavor or tingling (nicotine) will not return.

Dispose of NICOrelief in a location safe from children or pets. NICOrelief is not a typical chewing gum but rather medicine. Therefore, it is crucial that you adhere to these guidelines to minimize side effects that may occur.