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Image 0 of Kimono Microthin Regluar 12eaImage 1 of Kimono Microthin Regluar 12eaImage 2 of Kimono Microthin Regluar 12ea

Kimono Microthin Regluar 12ea


UPC NO.: 016169050121 Mfg Item No.: 05012
Kimono Microthin Regluar 12ea
Item No.: C2166585
Ndc 16169005012
Generic Name Condoms Latex Non-Lubricated
Trade Name Kimono Microthin
Additional Description Regular
Form Cndm
Size 12 EaUnit Of Measure Ea
Unit Of Sale Ea
Schedule No. 0
Private Label 999
Multi-Source Y
Active Status Active
Generic Ind. Non Drug
Drug Class Hba
Vendor Name Mayer Laboratories
Ahfs 320000 - Contraceptives (E.G. Foams, Devi

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Product Description.:

Condom width = 52 +/- 2mm / 2.05 +/- 0.07in.

20% Thinner Ultrasensitive Protection*

Treat yourself to Kimono MicroThin's unparalleled thinness and silky feel. Trusted for reliability and superior quality, it's no wonder Kimono MicroThin is one of the fastest growing condom brands in the country.

Kimono MicroThin is designed for the discriminating user, Kimono MicroThin condoms are made to our strict requirements with only the highest quality latex.

Electronically tested for safety, Kimono MicroThin condoms exceed all U.S. and international standards for strength and reliability.

To increase your protection and pleasure, refer to the enclosed illustrated guide.

Mayer Labs, maker of Kimono? brand condoms, is committed to improving the world's health by encouraging condom use. Kimono condoms consistently receive the highest ratings in consumer reviews and in tests by both men and women.

Made with advanced Japanese engineering and careful attention to detail, we think Mayer Labs condoms are the finest you can buy. Use with confidence. Choose Kimono.

If used properly, latex condoms will help reduce the risk of transmission of HIV (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted infections (STI's).

*Than other ultrathin brands

This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. If you experience a reaction to this product, discontinue use and immediately consult your physician. When used correctly, condoms are an effective means of preventing pregnancy, although no contraceptive can guarantee 100% protection. Avoid excessive heat. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Store away from direct sunlight. Avoid excessive heat. Store at room temperature.