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Zims Advanced Cold Sore Kit 5 Gm


Zims Advanced Cold Sore Kit 5 Gm. Item Number.:B10135786
Size : 5 GM
ABC Selling UoM : EA
UPC Barcode : 781485660148
Supplier: 0050000316 PERFECTA PRODUCTS INC
Supplier Material : 66014
Generic Code : 000000
Fine Line Class : 070007500752 Medicated Lip Treatments
Product Category : OT Over the Counter
Product Type : OTC Branded OTC

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Product Description.:

Zim's Advanced Cold Sore delivers a one-two punch to help fight against cold sores. The kit includes an ointment and lip balm to treat and address the symptoms of cold sores.

Both the ointment and stick contain the patented Propolis ACF that acts as a preservative. Propolis is a substance collected by the honeybee from the leaf buds and cracks in the bark of various plants in a defined region rich with poplar trees. Bees use Propolis as a protectant for their hive.

To treat, Zim's Advanced Cold Sore ointment is used at the first sign of a symptom and comes in a 2g tube. To maintain, Zim's Advanced Cold Sore stick can be used daily to protect lips and maintain moisture, keeping the lips healthy. The lip balm comes in a 3g stick.

Zim's Advanced is the first to bring together a two-step program, for the symptoms of cold sores in a single package. The formulation that includes Propolis ACF has been popular across Europe and we are proud to bring it to North America, statedMark Smith, Perfecta Products' director marketing and sales.