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Image 0 of Wodkilla 1x60 VCap Each by OXYLIFE PRODUCTSImage 1 of Wodkilla 1x60 VCap Each by OXYLIFE PRODUCTSImage 2 of Wodkilla 1x60 VCap Each by OXYLIFE PRODUCTS

Wodkilla 1x60 VCap Each by OXYLIFE PRODUCTS


Wodkilla 1x60 VCap Each by OXYLIFE PRODUCTS Item No. S123318-8 UPC:069798320220 2 Mfg.item no. S123318-8 Qnty:Each Category:Sport Supplements Gluten Free

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Product Description.:

Wodkilla energy equips you with the highest quality, bio-available ingredients in optimally-balanced doses, with absolutely no artificial stimulants, generate natural energy with no crash to perform your best in training, competition, and everyday life. WODKILLA utilizes ultra-concentrated ingredients to deliver the precise key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids your body and muscles need when you workout. WODKILLA will help you maximize your workouts without feeding you fillers you will find in most pre-workout supplements. Now you can get in more reps, more sets, and lift more weight for better results every time. WODKILLA saturates your muscles to help you get the most intense workout of your life, during every workout, GUARANTEED! Enhances Intensity, Strength and Power! WODKILLA maximizes your energy, intensity, focus, determination and more in every workout! By enhancing every aspect of every workout, WODKILLA�s powerful formula helps you see better results and faster results because every ingredient has been included to help you get the most out of your workout. So STOP wasting your time at the gym hoping to see a difference, GUARANTEE yourself results TODAY with WODKILLA! Instantly increases NO Production To maximize your workouts, your body needs essential nutrients and key minerals. By combining a concentrated natural coffee bean into this powerful blend, WODKILLA ignites the blood vessels so your muscles get fed the nutrients and minerals required for increased growth. WODKILLA delivers essential nutrients and minerals 7x faster than other pre-workout supplements so you get what you need instantly! Cuts the recovery process in Half! Soreness and pain are all part of the workout process. But with the help of WODKILLA you can reduce the negative side effects of working out by as much as 50%. WODKILLA�s ingredients help you workout longer and harder without you having to pay for it after you�re done. WODKILLA is proven to reduce soreness,