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Image 0 of Umcka Cold Care Child Cherry Packet 10 each FastActivesImage 1 of Umcka Cold Care Child Cherry Packet 10 each FastActivesImage 2 of Umcka Cold Care Child Cherry Packet 10 each FastActives

Umcka Cold Care Child Cherry Packet 10 each FastActives


UPC No.:033674601662 Mfg. Item No.:60166 Item Profile:Item No.:C4250486
Ndc 53499016600
Generic Name Herbal/Homeopathic Products
Trade Name Umcka Coldcare
Additional Description Chd Chy
Form Pckt
Size 10 Each
Unit of Measure Each
Unit of Sale Each
Unit Dose
Schedule No. 0
Private Label 999
Multi-Source N
Active Status Active
Generic Ind. Non Drug
Drug Class Otc
Vendor Name Enzymatic Therapy Inc
Ahfs 0 - Ahfs Category Unknown
Fineline 771 - Childrens Cough Cold & Flu

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Why Umcka ColdCare?
Conventional cold remedies simply mask symptoms. The right natural extract addresses the cause.
Pelargonium sidoides (EPs 7630) ? the main ingredient in Umcka ColdCare ? works with the immune system to help support the body?s own natural antiviral defense mechanisms. That means you?re getting a medicine that works safely with your body ? not against it.

Why Umcka ColdCare Children?s Cherry FastActivesTM?
Suitable for Children ? Convenient and Non-Drowsy!
Umcka ColdCare Children's Cherry FastActives are a convenient formula for on-the-go support that reduces the severity of throat, sinus and bronchial irritations, including cough, congestion and sore throat. The delicious, powder packets are easy to pack and carry with you, and are safe for children ages 6 and up.
Clinically proven to speed recovery.
Umcka goes beyond symptom relief and actually helps kids recover faster. You can feel confident knowing that the EPs 7630 found within Umcka has been widely studied by various clinical organizations in the treatment of the common cold, acute bronchitis and other upper respiratory concerns for adults and children alike.

?Tear packet open, pour contents into mouth and swallow.
?For best results, use at first sign of symptoms and continue to use for an additional 48 hours after symptoms cease.
?Children 6-11 years of age: Take 1 packet 3 times daily.
?Children under 6 years of age: consult a doctor.
Serving Size: 1 packet Powder Amount/Serving %DV
Pelargonium sidoides 1X
Shortens duration &
reduces severity of
upper respiratory symptoms



Uses Shortens duration and reduces severity of symptoms associated with the common cold and throat/sinus/bronchial infections:
?minor aches
?sore throat
Helps loosen phlegm (mucus) to make coughs more productive
Store at room temperature in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

Other Ingredients: citric acid, malic acid, maltodextrin, natural cherry flavor, silica, xylitol.

UPC Codes: 033674601662