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Thermalon Cold Heat Wrap 9X16 Inch

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Thermalon Cold Heat Wrap 9X16 Inch


UPC NO.: 041533213659 Mfg No.:21365
Thermalon Cold Heat Wrap 9X16 Inch
Item No.: C4583076

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Product Description.:

Perfect for Sports Injuries


Medically Proven Pain Relief

immediate relief
reduces swelling
speeds recovery
supports and protects

portable and reusable

Advanced Performance

timed-release treatment
uniform cold and heat
supports and protects
low profile
dual-sided application

Thermalon first aid wraps feature a proprietary gel-free process that layers specially chosen materials to create a soft pad that remains dry and conforming from the freezer or microwave.

The patented design prevents bursting, bulging and leaking. The dual-sided wraps are the perfect thickness and weight to allow easy application and full freedom of movement during treatment.

Thermalon wraps are latex-free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The durable material is non-absorbent and may be washed.

Thermalon wraps deliver timed-release therapy that meets doctor recommended protocols.

Therapeutic relief that complies with medically accepted protocols

Thermalon First Aid Wraps deliver a therapeutic treatment within prescribed time and temperature ranges. The exclusive dual-sided pad allows you to select either a comfort or therapeutic treatment.

Made in Taiwan


To avoid tissue damage, neither cold nor heat should be continuously applied for longer than thirty minutes during a two hour period.

Simply microwave or freeze and apply directly to the skin. Adjustable elastic wrap keeps pad secure.

An application of cold is recommended during the first 48 hours after an injury. Cold therapy helps the healing process and relieves pain-causing inflammation. An application of heat is recommended to relieve chronic pain and to reduce tension and muscle stiffness.