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SoftHeat Ultra Back Heat Wrap


UPC NO.: 328785610000 Mfg No.:HP1000-9-3
SoftHeat Ultra Back Heat Wrap
Item No.: C4291084
Ndc 28785061000
Generic Name Cold Hot Pack
Trade Name Softheat Ultra Flx Htg Wp
Additional Description Mst/Dy
Form Pack
Size 1 Ea
Unit Of Measure Ea
Unit Of Sale Ea
Unit Dose
Schedule No. 0
Private Label 999
Multi-Source N
Active Status Active
Generic Ind. Non Drug
Drug Class Hhc
Vendor Name Kaz Inc
Ahfs 0 - Ahfs Category Unknown
Fineline 1532 - Heat

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Ultra Technology. Heat therapy relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain and soreness. By increasing blood flow to the injury area, heat therapy can help accelerate healing. Finally, heat can effectively warm and loosen stiff muscles before exercise. Ultra's advanced timed-release moisture technology provides deeper heat penetration than dry heat alone. Moist heat is physician recommended. Optimal heat therapy requires consistent heat in the therapeutic range. Ultra uses state-of-the-art microchip technology to eliminate spikes and maintain a more comfortable, even heat. Ultra also has a bonus warmth setting for subtle, gentle warmth.

Auto shut-off.
Faster heat-up.
Best heat control.
Soft Heat? Advanced moist or dry.
Soothing therapy for pain relief.
Adjustable Back Heat Wrap.
Therapy contours to your back.
One size fits all*
4 heat settings
longer reach 10 foot cord
5 year warranty

*Fits up to 47 waist.

Kaz, manufacturing quality healthcare products for over 75 years.

Also can be used for:
Menstrual pain relief
Shoulder and neck pain
Hip pain relief

This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Machine wash and dry entire pad.
Advanced timed-release moisture--simply dampen pad.