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Image 0 of Smart Pill 1x30 Tab Each by ONLY NATURALImage 1 of Smart Pill 1x30 Tab Each by ONLY NATURALImage 2 of Smart Pill 1x30 Tab Each by ONLY NATURAL

Smart Pill 1x30 Tab Each by ONLY NATURAL


Smart Pill 1x30 Tab Each by ONLY NATURAL Item No. S082554-7 UPC:072741300824 8 Mfg.item no. S082554-7 Qnty:Each Category:Supplements Specialty

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Product Description.:

Only Natural?s Smart Pill is designed as a brain supplement, which may support brain function, as well as promote overall health

Smart Pill?s memory supplement contains potent and standardized Ginkgo Biloba extract, which is believed to have nootropic properties. Memory supplements are commonly used as memory and concentration enhancers and may increase mental alertness. As a brain supplement, Smart Pill is a unique blend of Gingko Biloba extract, vitamins, herbs and co-factors, which may improve mental alertness.

The Gingko Biloba in our brain supplement may improve brain function by increasing cerebral and peripheral circulation and tissue oxygenation. Additionally, Gingko Biloba may be helpful for vascular impotence in men.

Only Natural includes lecithin in its memory supplement, which may improve brain function and health. Lecithin is a type of lipid that is needed by every living cell in the body ? the protective sheaths surrounding the brain are composed of lecithin.

Our brain supplements include gaba, which may support brain function. Gaba is an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter, may decrease neuron activity and prevents cells from over-firing.

Korean ginseng may strengthen the entire body and boost mental alertness.

Capsicum may increase blood flow and transportation of vital nutrients to infected areas of the body, which may assist in fighting bacteria.

Smart Pill may also affect attention span and circulation, increase memory, support cognitive function and promote overall brain health. Don?t forget your memory supplement ? order some right now! Click here for more info.: