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SILVERtouch Antimicrobial Underpad 6 Pads

Image 0 of SILVERtouch Antimicrobial Underpad 6 PadsImage 1 of SILVERtouch Antimicrobial Underpad 6 PadsImage 2 of SILVERtouch Antimicrobial Underpad 6 Pads

SILVERtouch Antimicrobial Underpad 6 Pads


SILVERtouch Antimicrobial Underpad 6 Pads. Item Number.:K777591
Brand: Silvertouch

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Product Description.:

Destroy Odors with Antimicrobial Silver
Core treated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial solution:

Prevents the growth and multiplication of odor-causing bacteria associated with incontinence
Keeps working for the life of the underpad with no special laundering requirements

Because it?s reusable, Silvertouch offers a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable underpads.

Keep Beds Dry with Three Absorbent Layers

Dry-Lock? facing (55% cotton/45% polyester) wicks wetness into the pad away from the skin
Super-absorbent core (95% polyester/5% rayon) traps wetness away from skin
Waterproof non-slip vinyl barrier (100% polyvinyl chloride ? PVC) protects bedding from fluids and wetness and helps keep the pad in place

The large size pad covers the entire center of the bed, where protection is needed most. With Silvertouch? Antimicrobial Underpads, you can combat odors while providing exceptional absorbency.

Underpad dimensions: 32? x 36? (81 cm x 91 cm)

Note: This product does not protect users from bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. Always wash product thoroughly before and after each use.

Medline is a registered trademark and Silvertouch is a trademark of Medline Industries, Inc. Dry-Lock is a registered trademark of Associated Hygienic Products, LLC.