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Image 0 of Silent Snooz Snore Relief - Unscented (30 Reuses)

Silent Snooz Snore Relief - Unscented (30 Reuses)


UPC No.:736428010016 Mfg. Item No.:SS1001
Item Profile
Item No.:C4234852
Ndc 73642801001
Generic Name Nasal Products
Trade Name Silent Snooz
Additional Description Uns
Form Strp
Size 30 Each
Unit of Measure Each
Unit of Sale Each
Unit Dose
Schedule No. 0
Private Label 999
Multi-Source N
Active Status Active
Generic Ind. Non Drug
Drug Class Otc
Vendor Name Incredible Scents Inc
Ahfs 0 - Ahfs Category Unknown
Fineline 743 - Nasal Strips & Snore Relief

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* Clears nasal congestion
* Easier breathing resulting in reduced snoring
* Small and convenient to use
* Safe and effective, drug free
Silent Snooz? Improves Breathing, Helps Stop Snoring, Results in Restful sleep.

?Clears nasal congestion
?Easier breathing resulting in reduced snoring
?Small and convenient to use
?Worn during daytime and nighttime
?Results in a comfortable sleep for all
?Safe and effective, drug free
?Washable and re-usable for 30 days
?Compact travel case for easy storage and portability

Silent Snooz? , a Stop Snoring Aid that Works to Bring You Relief from Snoring!
A good night's sleep rejuvenates your body so that you wake up fresh and re-charged to face another day. But for too many people, the benefits of a good night's sleep can be elusive because of a common problem called snoring.

Mild to moderate obstruction of air flow in the upper nasal airway is the main cause of snoring. When we sleep, the area at the back of the mouth, throat, and nose becomes narrow as tissues relax. This obstruction, combined with respiratory efforts results in a vibrating of tissues, and the characteristic snoring sounds. Typically, the snorer wakes up in alarm not receiving adequate oxygen. Sleeping patterns are often disturbed, not only for the snorer, but for bed partners and possibly other members of the family.

About forty percent of American adults have a snoring problem. Many domestic battles have been fought on the grounds of snoring. But annoying as the problem may be, the snorer has no voluntary control over the problem. Since the main cause of snoring usually lies in an obstruction in the nasal airways, most snorers have found successful relief with the use of anti-snore aids.

If you're fed up with snoring, sleepless nights for you and family members, then Silent Snooz? is for you! Most nasal aids are uncomfortable to wear, requiring adhesives and sprays. Silent Snooz? is a small clip that is convenient to use and can be comfortably worn during the day or night. It gently massages the nasal septum on either side of the nose and helps to broaden the airway, thus resulting in unobstructed passage of air. Silent Snooz? helps you to breathe more easily and thus reduces snoring.

Silent Snooz? is a drug-free product made from medical-grade materials of impeccable quality. It is safe to use and has resulted in effective, undisturbed sleep for millions of Americans!