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Salonpas Patch Hot Capsicum Unscented 50x1 Ct.

Image 0 of Salonpas Patch Hot Capsicum Unscented 50x1 Ct.Image 1 of Salonpas Patch Hot Capsicum Unscented 50x1 Ct.Image 2 of Salonpas Patch Hot Capsicum Unscented 50x1 Ct.

Salonpas Patch Hot Capsicum Unscented 50x1 Ct.


Salonpas Patch Hot Capsicum Unscented 50x1 Ct. Item Number.:C2177780/B10034361/A507002.
Size : 50
ABC Selling UoM : PK
NDC: 46581070001
UPC Barcode : 346581700015
Supplier: 0050001999 EMERSON HEALTHCARE LLC
Supplier Material : HP003B
Generic Code : 022813 CAPSAICIN TOPICAL ADH. PATCH 0.025 %
Fine Line Class : 010001200122 External Muscle/Joint Pain Relief Patche
Product Category : OT Over the Counter
Product Type : OTC Branded OTC

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Product Description:

Salonpas Hot Capsicum Patch (50 patches)

Fast, Effective and Powerful Penetrating Pain Relief

Product Description:

* Ideal size for application to the back

* Contains capsaicin, a NATURAL ingredient derived from chili peppers.

* Provides a pleasant warming sensation and benefits

* For dull pain in the lower back after demanding work involving bending and stretching, a long car trip, or confined to bed for an extended period of time.

* SALONPAS?HOT:The number-one selling patch--truly the best of the best--in the U.S.A. (Source: IRI, unit base)

Once you apply SALONPAS?HOT patches to the back and/or to the lower back, the active ingredients quickly pass through the keratinous layer, epidermis and dermis. These ingredients then penetrate into the bloodstream through the capillary vessels, providing fast, effective relief where it's needed most.

SALONPAS?HOT has numerous holes arranged in a pattern of 16 vertically and 12 horizontally. This matrix of 192 holes is punched with extreme precision. SALONPAS?HOT breathes through each hole so that you can feel comfortable during use.

Active ingredients:

Capsicum extract: 0.025% as Capsaicin


(5.12 x 7.09in) per patch, 50 patches/box

Use Direction

The patch is attached to a transparent backing film. Apply the patch after peeling it off the backing film.


Use only as directed. For external use only avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, rashes, wounds or damaged skin. An allergic person should consult a physician. A person with delicate skin should first try a small piece of patch on the arm to see if it does not cause rashes, redness or itchiness. Do not use with a heating pad. Discontinue use at least one hour before a bath and do not use immediately after a bath. If conditions worsen, or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within few days or if excessive irritation of the skin develops, discontinue use of this product and consult a physician. Keep away form children to avoid accidental poisoning. In case of accidental ingestion, contact a physician immediately. Package not child resistant. As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product.