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Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter


UPC NO.: 073796699406 Mfg No.: PF9940
Omron PeakAir Peak Flow Meter
Item No.: C2204253
Ndc 73796069940
Generic Name Peak Flow Meter/Accessory
Trade Name Peakair Peak Flow Meter
Additional Description Air
Form Eqip
Size 1 Ea
Unit Of Measure Ea
Unit Of Sale Ea
Schedule No. 0
Private Label 999
Multi-Source Y
Active Status Active
Generic Ind. Non Drug
Drug Class Hhc
Vendor Name Omron Healthcare
Ahfs 940000 - Devices
Fineline 9277 - Miscellaneous

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Product Description
The PeakAir Peak Flow Meter is an integral component of asthma management programs. Suitable for patients of all ages, the PeakAir assists in monitoring the patient's maximum expiratory flow and provides an indicator of the condition of the patient's airway.

Attach the appropriate size mouthpiece on the input side of the Peak Flow Meter. Slide the indicator to the bottom (zero) side of the scale. Take a deep breath, put your mouth tightly over the mouthpiece and blow out hard and fast as possible, a short sharp blast. You do not have to expel all of the air in your lungs. The final position of the indicator is your PEFR (peak expiratory flow rate).

Product Features

Assists in early detection of an asthma attack
Accurately measures peak flow with a measurement range of 50-750 liters per minute
Dual flow range for adults or children colorful, fun stickers for children
Compact design can be used anywhere
Suitable for use with disposable mouthpiece