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Image 0 of Nail Enamel Desire 1x.5 Fluid oz Each by HONEYBEE GARDENSImage 1 of Nail Enamel Desire 1x.5 Fluid oz Each by HONEYBEE GARDENSImage 2 of Nail Enamel Desire 1x.5 Fluid oz Each by HONEYBEE GARDENS

Nail Enamel Desire 1x.5 Fluid oz Each by HONEYBEE GARDENS


Nail Enamel Desire 1x.5 Fluid oz Each by HONEYBEE GARDENS Item No. S032480-6 UPC:066501352823 3 Mfg.item no. S032480-6 Qnty:Each Category:Cosmetics

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Product Description.:

For those who want an alternative to solvent-based nail enamel, we've got the solution for you! Our unique water-based polish is free from harsh chemical odors no more nasty fumes! But perhaps best of all, there's also no need for toxic smelly nail polish remover - this product removes with rubbing alcohol, vodka/grain alcohol or our Nail Polish Remover! Thanks to our new patented technology, there's nothing else like it on the market!

odorless, non-toxic earth-friendly formula
long wearing fabulous colors
Contains NO:FD&C colors, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, xylene, or formaldehyde

Comes in 25 great colors to match our Truly Natural Lipsticks, plus clear:
Shiny Penny, Camelot, Romance, Risque, Desire, Vintage Merlot, San Francisco, Hippie Chick, Valentine, Mocha Latte, Goddess, Tuscany, Cherokee, Burlesque, Fairy Dust, Whisper (sheer), Serenity (sheer), Destiny, Manhattan, Nude Beach, Abyss (pure black), Oasis (sapphire blue), Renaissance (rich wine), Tease (purple), Wild Fire (bright red), Manicure White and Clear (also acts as top/base coat)

What makes this product different from traditional polish
You already know it's water-based, it's free from harsh chemical odors and has no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalates or FD& C colors. But let's take that a step further. Without getting too technical, let's explore the fundamental differences between solvent-based and water-based systems. Solvent- based polishes are simple solutions of nitrocellulose resins in strong solvents. Nitrocellulose is used because it forms a very hard film easily as the solvents evaporate from the base. These harsh, bad-smelling solvents, are then also used to remove the polish by dissolving the film. By contrast, water-based polish uses an emulsion resin in the form of billions of very small particles suspended in water. As the water evaporates, the particles touch each other and form a hard film which is no longer soluble in water. At first, it may seem that these systems are similar, the only difference being the carrier base. But they are in fact as different as night and day. One cures by reversible solvent evaporation, the other by creating a tightly knit film. One is easily dissolved, the other not so easily. Several states are beginning to regulate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by nail polishes and nail polish removers. WaterColors Nail Enamel has very low VOCs.

Product appearance
You'll notice the Clear Base/ Top Coat polish actually appears milky white in the bottle. The milkiness disappears upon drying to form a clear coat. Sometimes minor settling occurs in some colors, and you may notice a light ring of color at the top of the bottle, or some sparkle floating to the bottom. We have shaker beads inside, so a light shake of the polish easily re-disperses the pigment.

Nail preparation
Solvent-based polishes can strip healthy nails of naturally produced oils. Since our polish does not contain these solvents, the oils remain on the nail. Wash and dry hands thoroughly before applying polish. Those with very dry skin may wish to apply a cuticle oil to nails first before applying polish to help hydrate the nail. Make sure the oil is absorbed into the nail before polishing.

Dry time
Dries to a tack-free state nearly as fast as regular polish. Two thin coats will dry faster than one thick. Cold hands, low temperatures and high humidity can prolong drying time. Water resistant in about 15 minutes. Able to withstand other chemicals (shampooing, doing dishes) after about an hour. For best results, polish nails at the end of the day so they have overnight to cure properly.

Product exceptions
You may find this product is a bit more difficult to remove from toe nails, because toe nails are naturally more dry and have less natural oils.

Scratch resistance
Unlike solvent-based polishes which reach their maximum hardness in about 40 minutes, WaterColors Nail Enamel must be given time to create a tough film. About 75% of the hardness is achieved very quickly, but it needs 4-6 hours to achieve maximum hardness. The more time you give it to cure properly, the longer it will wear. You may choose to apply it at night when the day's activities are done. However, because the film is quite thin, worn areas at the tips or scratches can be easily touched up to create a freshly-applied appearance.

Ease of removal
The film that is formed by the water-based system becomes more difficult to dissolve as time passes. For this reason, we recommend you remove the polish at or before one week of wear the first time you use our polish. Apply Nail Polish Remover to the cotton ball or Honeybee Gardens felt pad. Hold the wetted pad on the nail for a few seconds, and then proceed to rub the polish off while applying gentle pressure. Do not scrape at the nail. It may take a few swipes longer than you're used to, but the product will come off. People with dry, ridgy or porous nail