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Magonate Liquid 12 Oz


Magonate Liquid 12 Oz.

*Item Number.: B10107364
Size :12 OZ
NDC: 00187-5267-01
UPC Barcode : 301875267018

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Product Description.:

MAGONATE? is a magnesium supplement that can be used by children and adults to supplement or replace magnesium. Magnesium needs to be supplemented when a person has a poor diet, is on IV fluids, has malabsorption, has magnesium distribution problems, or is pregnant.* Magnesium loss or inadequate magnesium levels can occur in a variety of situations, including: loss due to stress, dieting or eating disorders, drug interactions, excessive vomiting, alcohol usage, perspiration during exercise, muscle cramping, chronic diarrhea or chemotherapy.

MAGONATE may be used for general supplementation and athletic use to help maintain normal dietary levels of magnesium and to minimize fatigue and muscle cramping.* MAGONATE Liquid may be added to drinks such as fruit juices or tea, or may be taken with water.