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Garlicin 180 Tab 1 By Natures Way


Garlicin 180 Tab 1 By Nature's Way Item No.:S50950-5

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Product Description

Garlicin - Cholesterol Control Formula
Up to 10X Better Allicin release than other brands.

* Odor-Free Garlic
* Lowers Serum Cholesterol
* With SmartRelease, 100% stomach acid protection
* The only enteric-coated garlic proven to meet its allicin release claim.

Accurate Allicin Release Measurement:
Simply dissolving crushed garlic tablets in water can produce a high allicin release. But when tablets are tested under gastrointestinal conditions, according to US Pharmacopeia test method 724A, their actual allicin release (as will be produced within the body) is significantly less. Using this more sophisticated test method, Garlicin is the only leading enteric-coated brand to meet its allicin release as stated on the label.

The SmartRelease Difference:
Garlicin's proprietary enteric coating provides 100% protection from stomach acid. Once in the intestine, Garlicin completely disintegrates in about 45 minutes providing maximum allicin release. Clinical studies show that 3600-5400 mcg of allicin per day is effective in lowering serum cholesterol and maintaining circulatory efficiency. This level is exceeded by taking two Garlicin tablets daily.

Scientific research shows Allicin is essential for garlic health benefits.

To deliver the clinically proven allicin potency, an effective garlic supplement must have the following:

High Enzyme Activity
Garlic is unique among herbs because its active compound, allicin, is not present until the special enzyme allinase is activated. This occurs when garlic is crushed or moistened. Garlicin is made from a superior garlic powder, specially processed to deliver maximum allinase activity.

100% Stomach Acid Protection
In only two seconds, stomach acid completely deactivates allinase thus eliminating the potential for allicin production. Garlicin's proprietary enteric coating provides over two hours of acid protection delivering the tablet and its allinase safely to the intestine.

Rapid Disintegration
Once in the intestine the garlic tablet must rapidly disintegrate in order to fully activate the allinase enzyme and produce allicin-all in about 45 minutes! Only Garlicin has been proven to disintegrate this fast and release its claimed allicin potency.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Tablet
Amount Per Serving %DV
Garlic Powder (bulb) 350 mg
releasing 3200 mcg allicin

Other ingredients: Cellulose, aqueous coating solution, xylitol, modified cellulose gum, stearic acid, silica.

For clinical effectiveness take 1 tablet twice daily with meals or as recommended by your healthcare professional. For general health maintenance take 1 tablet daily. Garlicin should be taken consistently for maximum benefit.
Note: Consult with your doctor if you have a disease or health-related condition that requires the lowering of cholesterol.

Notice: Individual results may vary. You should always consult with your physician before starting this product or any health-related program.