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Evologie Stay Clear and Blemish Serum with Travel Sizes 5 Ct

Image 0 of Evologie Stay Clear and Blemish Serum with Travel Sizes 5 CtImage 1 of Evologie Stay Clear and Blemish Serum with Travel Sizes 5 CtImage 2 of Evologie Stay Clear and Blemish Serum with Travel Sizes 5 Ct

Evologie Stay Clear and Blemish Serum with Travel Sizes 5 Ct


Evologie Stay Clear and Blemish Serum with Travel Sizes 5 Ct. Item Number.:K895155
Brand: Evologie
Case Count: 5
Daytime/Nightime Use: Daytime/Nighttime Use
Fragrance Free: Yes

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Product Description.:

This exclusive set is designed to help you maintain skin perfection. The set contains full-sizes of cleanser, serum and cream. It also has a travel-size spot treatment for the occasional zit and a travel-size cream to keep you hydrated on the go. In addition to nixing dirt, oil, and bacteria, the Stay Clear Cleanser uses the antioxidant lycopene to neutralize damaging free radicals. The doctor-developed Intensive Blemish Serum penetrates the skin, going straight to the source to eliminate trapped bacteria, dirt, and oil, and tackling surface scars and hyperpigmentation. Finally, the Stay Clear Cream replenishes skin and provides weightless hydration. The key ingredient in each of these formulations is Evologie's patent-pending YS3 COMPLEX? with its unique delivery system that gets below the skin to clear and seal in moisture.

How to Use
Start with the cleanser, massaging a dime-sized dollop into a gentle lather. Pat skin dry,
then spot treat emerging and existing blemishes with the serum. Follow with the
lightweight, hydrating cream. Repeat twice a day.

Set contains:

Stay Clear Cleanser 5.0 fl oz / 150 ml
Intensive Blemish Serum 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml
Stay Clear Cream 1.0 fl oz / 30 ml
Travel sizes of Intensive Blemish Serum 0.23 fl oz / 7 ml &
Stay Clear Cream 0.23 fl oz / 7ml

Meet Evologie?
Evologie?'s revolutionary skincare is uniquely formulated and clinically proven to unlock skin's natural ability to hydrate, and restore optimal skin health. For the first time, we have combined the most advanced, natural ingredients for skin health into one, powerful multi-tasking system that evolves with skin's changing needs. Each formula works quickly and intensively to dramatically hydrate, clear and visibly improve skin's appearance?all at once.

The Discovery that changed everything
Founded on a father's love for his daughter, Evologie? made its debut as an innovative solution developed by doctors utilizing advanced science to effectively treat disruptive skin problems. The results were so dramatic, Evologie? quickly evolved into something much more ? a complete skin-transforming, multi-tasking skincare line, backed by medica science, innovation and supervised clinical testing. Consumers began to see significant improvement in their skin's tone, texture and overall appearance, beyond just clearing blemishes. Today, Evologie? continues to evolve beyond the most advanced skincare to revolutionize skin health.

The Evologie? Difference
Evologie?'s unique YS3 Complex? delivery system effectively penetrates skin's epidermal barrier to deliver a powerful blend of intense, repair-boosting hydrators, protective antioxidants and essential amino acids directly to where skin needs them the most. Evologie? does it differently, effectively and naturally WITHOUT benzoyl peroxide, retinol, or other drying, irritating ingredients.

The Evologie? Evolution
As your skin changes, so should your skincare. Evologie? understands this and the emotional impact on your overall wellbeing. Our complete skin management system is exclusively designed to evolve with your skin's changing needs from adolescence to adulthood?regardless of age, ethnicity or sensitivity.


The Evologie? Advantage

Natural ingredients
Patent-pending formula
Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
Benzoyl peroxide-free

How to Use
Just a few minutes a day can change the future of your skin.
STAY CLEAR CLEANSER - Massage a dime-sized amount into skin until it forms a gentle lather. Rinse off and pat skin dry. Use twice daily.
INTENSIVE BLEMISH SERUM - Dab a small amount directly onto spots, pimples, scars, or discoloration area. Repeat twice a day.
STAY CLEAR CREAM ? Apply all over your face to keep skin visibly clear, healthy and happy. Use morning and night.