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Clik Pak Sinus 84 Pills 1 By Bach


Clik Pak Sinus 84 Pills 1 By Bach Item No.:S17881-4

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Description:This homeopathic remedy offers a safe, natural alternative to antihistamines and other potentially harmful drugs. It helps to clear your nasal passages, relieve mucous membranes, reduce nasal discharge and clear breathing.You can use it for the temporary relief of minor sinus-related problems including inflammation of nasal passages with constant runny nose, inflammation of throat with scratching rough cough, stabbing pain or headaches.

Ingredients:Hydrastis 30, ksli bic 30c, pulsatilla 30c, thuja occ 30c, lactose, sucrose.

Dosage:Chew or let dissolve in mouth 2 pillules every 2 hours for the first 6 doses, then 2 pillules 3 times daily until the symptoms improve. Take between meals.