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Bruder Cold Therapy Pad Small 4.5 x 12 Inches

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Bruder Cold Therapy Pad Small 4.5 x 12 Inches


UPC NO.: 041533610755 Mfg No.:
Bruder Cold Therapy Pad Small 4.5 x 12 Inches
Product Id 583004
Brand Name Cold Therapy Pad 4.5X12
Generic Name Cold Therapy Pad 4.5X12
Product Description 4.5X12 Reusable (Ms)
Ndc Code 041533610755
Manufacturer Bruder
Pack Size Ea

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Relieving pain, naturally. This cold therapy pad delivers immediate pain relief at temperatures that comply with medically accepted protocols. The pad is designed to deliver timed-release cold that prevents rebound effect and tissue damage if the pad remains in place beyond doctor-recommended treatment time. The pad contours and conforms to the site of pain and remains dry and condensation free. It remains soft and flexible. The unique pad design assures complete conformance with no bunching, saddle-bagging, splitting or bottoming out. The patent-pending non-gel pad is safe and easy to use. It will not bulge, gather, split or leak. Simply remove from freezer and apply to the site of pain - no special covers or towels are necessary. A soft adjustable wrap is included to keep the pad in place.

For knee, foot & ankle
Non-toxic & latex free
Double-sealed for durability
Protects treatment area
Effective for post-operative cryotherapy
May be washed and disinfected
1 year warranty


Cold pad 4.5 x 12 inches

1 Year Warranty.

Place in freezer for 2 hours
Remove from freezer and apply to affected area for up to 30 minutes
Secure pad with enclosed fabric wrap if desired. Apply snugly - not tightly - to the body
Do not use for more than 30 minutes in a 2 hour period unless directed by a physician. Cold therapy sessions should not last more than 30 minutes
If the area becomes uncomfortable or painful, remove immediately
When therapy is complete remove from affected area
This product is designed for cold therapy and should not be used for heat therapy
Do not microwave

Fabric wrap: For securing pads to the body, can be cut to size. Washing:

ProtoCold pad and fabric wrap may be wiped clean with an antiseptic or surface washed with cold water as needed
Do not machine wash
Once dry, the pad may be returned to the freezer until needed again
Allow surface to dry completely before returning to freezer. Do not place a wet cold pad in the freezer


Always consult your doctor, pharmacist or therapist about your source of pain and appropriate treatments
Persons with circulatory problems, diabetes or reduced skin sensitivity should consult a physician before use
Adult supervision is advised if using with children, elderly, or immobile patients