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Axe Body Spray Phoenix 4oz


Axe Body Spray Phoenix 4oz. Item Number: B10036467
UPC# 079400550200
ABC Legacy# 560255
Supplier Material # 007940055020
ABC # 10036467
Corporate Status AC Active
Customer Item# Create Number

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Product Description.:

AXE Phoenix Bodyspray

A memorable scent that takes flight in her mind
Classic, fresh, and fruity fragrance
Leaves you smelling great all day or all night
Delivers odor protection
Available in deodorants, shower gels, and more

Named after the mythical bird that combusts only to be reborn from its own ashes, AXE Phoenix Bodyspray has a scent that takes flight in her mind. The classic, fresh, and fruity fragrance features lavender, geranium, citrus, and coumarone.
Phoenix is available in a full line that includes bodyspray, deodorant stick, antiperspirant invisible solid, shampoo and conditioner, and shower gel.

How to Use

1. Twist top open to reveal nozzle.
2. Hold can 6 inches from your body and spray it on your chest and neck.
Full Range of AXE Bodysprays

AXE bodysprays are available in a scent to fit your mood and personality: AXE Apollo, AXE Anarchy For Him and AXE Anarchy For Her, AXE Excite, AXE Cool Metal, AXE Twist, AXE Rise, AXE Music, AXE Dark Temptation, AXE Clix, AXE Essence, AXE Phoenix, and AXE Kilo.
About AXE Personal Care

AXE, a leader in men's grooming, is an iconic personal care brand that helps guys look, smell, and feel their best. The AXE brand is available in a line of body sprays, deodorant and antiperspirant sticks, shower gels, hair care, face and styling products. AXE gives guys confidence from the minute they wake up in the morning and take a shower to the moment they get ready for a long night out.