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Each individual serving of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavor contains the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and American Heart Association (AHA). Serve well chilled for best taste.

Can Enterex® Diabetic replace a meal?

Enterex® Diabetic is a great substitute for breakfast and makes a delicious and healthful light lunch or quick snack. Each serving contains 237 calories and is an optimal choice for active people to help them manage their diabetes and avoid hypoglycemia.

How many daily servings can a person consume?

Daily intake is based on individual factors; however one to three servings are typical. Consult your doctor, diabetes educator or dietitian to learn more about your unique requirements.

How does Enterex® Diabetic affect my cholesterol level? Enterex® Diabetic contains only monounsaturated fats like canola and high-oleic safflower oil; both are high in the Omega-3 fatty acids which can help to achieve a healthy cholesterol level.

What is Sucralose?

Sucralose is a non-calorie sweetener made from sugar, but it does not alter your blood sugar and has no known medical side effects. Enterex® Diabetic uses SPLENDA™ Brand sucralose instead of saccharin or aspartame.

Can non-diabetics drink Enterex® Diabetic ? Absolutely! Many people controlling their sugar intake and managing their weight also enjoy Enterex® Diabetic . It's a nutritious snack option that satisfies hunger and helps reduce excessive food consumption.

Is Enterex® Diabetic recommended for children?

Children with diabetes as young as three years of age can enjoy Enterex® Diabetic as a great snack alternative. Children younger than three can also drink it on the advice of their pediatrician.

What are complex carbohydrates, and why are they preferred? Simple carbohydrates, like sugar and fruit, are quickly absorbed, causing abrupt blood sugar elevations. Complex carbohydrates are absorbed slower, maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Does Enterex® Diabetic contain fructose?

No, Enterex® Diabetic does not contain fructose. High consumption of fructose is associated with an increase in triglycerides. The ADA does not recommend its use in diabetic diets.

Why is M-inositol so important in diabetic diets?

M-inositol deficiency is associated with the development of renal disease and foot infections in patients with diabetes. Enterex® Diabetic is a good source of M-inositol. Copyright © 2009, Victus, Inc. All Rights reserved

Diabetic Products > Enterex Diabetic Drinks

Enterex Diabetic With Fiber No Added Sugar Chocolate Flavor Liquid 4X6X8 oz
UPC No.:612197611602 Mfg. Item No.:61160 Enterex Diabetic With Fiber No Added Sugar Chocolate Flavor Liquid 4X6X8 oz Item No.:C3340262/B670024.
Item Profile
Ndc 61219761160
Generic Name Nutritional Supplement
Trade Name Enterex Diabetic
Additional Description Chocolate
Form Liqd
Size 4X6X8 oz
Unit of Measure ml
Unit of Sale Case of
Unit Dose
Schedule No. 0
Private Label 999
Multi-Source N
Active Status Active
Generic Ind. Non Drug
Drug Class Hhc
Vendor Name Victus Inc
Ahfs 0
$ 47.99                   
Enterex Glucose Control Nutrition Powder Vanilla 1000gm
UPC No.: 612197420006 Mfg. Item No.:42000
Enterex Glucose Control Nutrition Powder Vanilla 1000gm
Item No.:C4570313
Ndc  12197042000
Generic Name  Nutritional Supplement
Trade Name  Enterex
Additional Description  Vanilla
Form  Powd
Size 1000 Gm
Unit Of Measure  Gm
Unit Of Sale  Ea 
Schedule No.  0
Private Label  999
Multi-Source  N
Active Status  Active
Generic Ind.  Non Drug
Drug Class  Hba
Vendor Name  Victus Inc
Ahfs  0 - Ahfs Category Unknown
$ 16.75                   
Enterex Glucose Control Nutrition Powder Vanilla 400gm
UPC No.:612197120005 Mfg. Item No.:12000
Enterex Glucose Control Nutrition Powder Vanilla 400gm
Item No.:C4570479
Ndc  12197012000
Generic Name  Nutritional Supplement
Trade Name  Enterex
Additional Description  Vanilla
Form  Powd
Size 400 Gm
Unit Of Measure  Gm
Unit Of Sale  Ea
Schedule No.  0
Private Label  999
Multi-Source  N
Active Status  Active
Generic Ind.  Non Drug
Drug Class  Hba
Vendor Name  Victus Inc
Ahfs  0 - Ahfs Category Unknown
Fineline  512
$ 5.38          SORRY IT IS N/A     
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