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Valley Medical Pharmacy
630 Main Street (Store:9am to 5.45pm)
Brawley, CA 92227 eRx ID#0585957

1 (800) 322-0808 FAX: (760) 344-6321 Toll Free Fax: 1 (855) 322-0808,

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What is VIRASALTM? VIRASAL is a topical solution for the treatment of common and plantar warts containing 27.5% salicylic acid in an antiviral film-forming vehicle. VIRASAL comes with a brush applicator so it can be painted precisely onto the wart. The solution dries quickly creating a film over the wart. No bandage is necessary. VIRASAL is waterproof. Salicylic acid is a time-tested safe and effective treatment for common and plantar warts. How does VIRASALTM work? After application, a thin film is quickly formed over the wart sealing in the salicylic acid. The keratolytic activity of salicylic acid results in the removal of epidermal cells infected with wart viruses. The antiviral complex in VIRASAL is designed to help reduce the risk of reinfection at the wart site, as well as prevent viral contamination of the product under normal usage. Visible improvement will normally be seen during the first or second week of therapy. Maximum resolution may take up to four to six weeks. How do I use VIRASALTM? For best results, soak the wart in warm water for about five minutes and then remove any loosened tissue with a brush, wash cloth or emery board. After drying, brush VIRASAL on the wart avoiding normal skin. VIRASAL will dry quickly forming a seal. No bandage or other covering is necessary for VIRASAL. Since VIRASAL is waterproof, it will stay on through multiple hand washings, in the shower or at the pool. VIRASAL should not be used by diabetics or patients with impaired blood circulation.

Prescription Drugs-V > Virasal

Virasal Liquid 10 Ml By Elorac Inc.
Virasal Liquid 10 Ml By Elorac Inc. Virasal Liquid 10 Ml By Elorac Inc. Free Shipping. Item Number.:RXD4387478/RXB10095111
Size : 10 ML
Selling UoM : EA
NDC: 42783-0312-10
UPC Barcode : 342783312100
Supplier: 0050001603 ELORAC, INC.-BRANDED
Supplier Material : 031210
Generic Code : 067146 SALICYLIC ACID TOPICAL LIQ-FILM 27.5 %
Fine Line Class : 850085008510 All Rx Products
Product Category : RX Pharmaceuticals
Product Type : BRX Branded RX
          CALL TO ORDER: 1 (800) 322-0808      More Information

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