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Valley Medical Pharmacy
630 Main Street (Store:9am to 5.45pm)
Brawley, CA 92227 eRx ID#0585957

1 (800) 322-0808 FAX: (760) 344-6321 Toll Free Fax: 1 (855) 322-0808,

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Prescription Drugs-P > Prenatal Rx > Prenatal Plus 27-1 mg Tablets 1X500 Mfg. By Amneal Pharmaceuticals Llc

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Prenatal Plus 27-1 mg Tablets 1X500 Mfg. By Amneal Pharmaceuticals Llc

Prenatal Plus 27-1 mg Tablets 1X500 Mfg. By Amneal Pharmaceuticals Llc This Item Requires A Valid Order From A Physician Licensed in The USA. Item No.:RXD2754232 NDC No.:65162-0668-50 Generic Name:Prenatal Vit/Fe Fumarate/Fa Subcategory Name: Prenatal Rx UPC No.: 365162668506 Mfg.Item No.:066850

$ 69.99     Sorry This Item Is not Available At This Time     Back

Please Provide Us The Name, Address, Phone #, Fax #, State Lic.#, Name Of State, Dea#, And Npi# Of Ordering Physician. Please Provide All Information Available And Ask Your Physician To Fax Us The Prescription At 760-344-6321 For The Quantity.

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Prenatal Plus 27 1 mg Tablets 1X500 Mfg. By Amneal Pharmaceuticals Llc

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